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Safer Gambling

Betathlon Ltd cares about its customers and focuses on safer gambling. It will make every effort to inform and warn its customers, in order to protect them from the consequences of their problematic gambling.

Betathlon Ltd has implemented policies that allow its members to gamble responsibly and consider gambling as a pleasurable leisure activity. These policies prevent the customer from losing the sense of fun and treating gambling as a method or opportunity to make money or even worse to keep betting more in order to make up for lost money.

Therefore, Betathlon Ltd safe play policies are based on the following points:

Information: We inform our customers in the best possible way about the dangers posed by online games, about preventive measures and the first symptoms of addiction.

Staff training: We train our staff at regular intervals on responsible gambling and invite experts as well as organizations specialized in this subject to provide training and practical assistance.

Protection of minors: We are committed to the protection of the most vulnerable and expressly reject minor customers.

Help and Support: We offer customers who need it the contact details of professional help providers in order to receive appropriate support for the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction problems. 

It is important that gambling remains a fun and safe activity and not addictive. The effects of gambling on a person's life can be devastating.

Our staff are always ready to listen and support you in maintaining your betting control.

Betathlon Ltd, has posted some helpful tips for keeping your gambling safer:

Tips for safer gambling:

√ You can set your own limits on the amount you allow yourself to bet / lose, ie set a cash limit.

√ You can set a time limit for betting, in order not to bet non-stop but at specific intervals that you will choose for your fun.

√ Take frequent breaks from betting to avoid becoming addicted.

√ Do not bet when you can not afford it and never borrow money from third parties to bet.

√ You only bet on the money you have available for your entertainment and not on your own or your family's money which is necessary to cover daily expenses or any other expenses and obligations.

√ Always keep in mind that betting is just a game, an activity and you should be able to never lose control. Low risk gambling is a way of betting with very little chance of losing control.

√ Balance gambling with other activities in your life.

√ Avoid betting when you are suffering from depression, melancholy, frustration, anxiety or when you are drunk, confused or out of control. 

You may realize that you have a problem when:

⊗ You spend most of your time betting and neglecting your various obligations or other pursuits or activities.

⊗ You neglect your family in order to bet.

⊗ You are absent from work for long or unjustified intervals. Efficiency in your work is reduced, while in very serious cases, the addict can completely jeopardize his work.

⊗ You regularly argue with your partner about the time and money you spend on betting and realize that you can not control yourself, you can not set limits.

⊗ You spend money on betting, while this was intended for another purpose, e.g. family money intended for rent, loans, education, medicines, shopping, clothing, medical expenses, etc.

⊗ You feel that through gambling you are with people who understand you.

⊗ You see gambling as a way to escape from your daily problems.

⊗ If something prevents you from betting, you react with discomfort, anger and tension, while in case of winning, you will show increased happy mood and relief.

⊗ You study intensively and with intense passion the programs with the betting options, the predictions from the television, the newspapers, the radio and the internet.

⊗ Isolate yourself from your family, your work or social events in order to think of ways to make the next bet.

⊗ You treat gambling as a method to earn more money.

If your answer to one of the above is "YES", then we suggest you take immediate action BEFORE it becomes a worse problem.

Protection of Minors:

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to enter and place bets at any authorized betting shop owned by cybet or its representatives!

cybet takes its responsibility to protect minors very seriously. Our representatives and the employees working at the cybet shops perform checks to verify a person’s age in case they have reasons to believe that they might be minors, and ask for valid documents to proof their age.

Finally, we make every effort to avoid advertisements that could attract minors to gambling.

Our marketing campaigns are designed in such a way that they do not attract children or minors. The 18+ warning has been placed prominently on our website.

Warning: Anyone who invites, incites or allows a minor to participate in betting is guilty of a criminal offence.

Help and support:

The National Betting Authority website can also help you control your problem (

You can call the counseling services of the Multi-Intervention Center, to talk for free with a professional in a safe and confidential environment, at 1454.

You can also call the hotline 1456 of the Adolescent and Family Counseling Center "PERSEAS" which provides counseling support to adolescents and young adults up to 22 years, as well as its members of their family, friendly and social environment.

There are many organizations that can help you control and / or solve your problem, such as:

In case you want to report an incident to the National Betting Authority, you can use the link you will find here . 

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