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Betathlon Ltd

Betathlon Ltd is a Cypriot company which, through the brand name CYBET, operates in the area of sports betting in Cyprus. Betathlon Ltd possesses betting acceptance license Class A’ (A002) by the Cypriot Betting Authority (

The company has started its operations at 2012 with 23 betting shops all over Cyprus. Our efforts to provide a wide range of betting opportunities with high returns, our transparency and our credibility were immediately embraced by the audience and rendered Cybet one of the top betting companies in Cyprus after just one year of activity.

Nowadays, Cybet has around 45 betting shops in Cyprus and continues to successfully serve betting enthusiasts with the best way. Our continuously growing number of agents and our excellent services make Cybet the top destination of every player.

In our betting shops you can bet legally and with the utmost transparency on traditional sports such as football, basketball, tennis and hockey as well as on racing sports like Formula 1 and Moto GP. Moreover, we provide many categories of special bets.

Our main goal is the complete satisfaction and entertainment of everyone that appreciates the beauty of sports and the intense feeling offered by predictions and betting. We achieve it constantly by offering high returns, fast and guaranteed payments and by keeping up the level of professionalism and integrity that characterizes Cybet.

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